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Letter from Paul Huyser: "I underestimated Mike Stefanidis."

The bout of diarrhea Paul refers to was suffered by Mike Stefanidis the previous night for about two hours starting at 1:00 a.m.

October 31, 2000

I underestimated Mike Stefanidis from his past Las Vegas and Viejas trips. I had thought he was a complete idiot, but now realize he has some basic skills, and therefore should be no problem to handle in the future. After all, there are approximately fifty-two games in a year, and to lose one battle to "TurtleBoy Mike" is completely insignificant.

I believe Mike's bout with diarrhea was not from rolled tacos from Chili Bandito's, but the fear of a feud that could last years and put "TurtleBoy" down a long, hard road of financial distress.

Paul Huyser

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