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Letter from Mike Coyne: "There are always rivalries in all sporting events."

November 1, 2000

Well I guess that there are always rivalries in all sporting events. And I guess that Mike and Paul are going to be the BIG guns in our sport. They are the ones with the money to just throw around. And I am sure that it doesn`t really hurt them too much. Unlike the rest of us. I guess card night will be going into a whole new era. What will be next I wonder. But I think that Paul will again be after Mike next week at cards. I think that Paul just went down to one knee with the beating he took from Mike. But I have a feeling that Paul will stand up again to him and put Mike down on a knee. I guess that we are looking at the clash of the Titans now. Who will be the last one standing? We'll have to wait and see. I really think Paul will regroup and plan a new strategy to defend himself. We will see.

Mike Coyne

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