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Letter from "A Reliable Source": "What is wrong with Mr. Coyne?"

November 2, 2000

Dear Mr. DeVol,

What is wrong with Mr. Coyne? Is he so upset that he does not realize that there must be an end to the madness of the Great Pai Gow War 2000?

Even Charlie Brown got himself up on that pitcher's mound every baseball game and pitched, and every time Lucy held that football, he tried to kick it. Even Chuck knew that someday would be his day. Did this make him a rebel? No, my friend, Chuck was a brave boy, a gambler, a boy that knew what he wanted. So what if Mr. Huyser sees his Charlie Brown self? The only thing Chuck should've been ashamed of is having only 2 shirts in his lifetime. (By the way, I think he looked the best in the yellow one.)

And in regards to the rules and conditions you so much disagree with, I have this to say to you "sometimes we must go against the grain, we must color outside the lines, we must walk a different path, we must decline substituting Coca Cola, when we ask for Pepsi and they don't have it. I did not realize that you were a Professor of Poker and held a Ph.D. in Pai Gow, but if rules must be set a little differently then let it be, the end must come soon, we all have lives that need to go on, we must let these two gentlemen finish this once and for all."

Dr. Stefanidis (that's a doctorate in Pai Gow, no doubt, since he got $107 of Mr. Huyser's money) take the Huyser Challenge, let the madness end, it is in your hands now.

Gentlemen (Mr. Huyser and Dr.Stefanidis in case that "gentlemen" threw you off) I have this to say to you both "Go.., go and gamble..., gamble like you've never gambled before."

Thank You,

"A Reliable Source"

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