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Letter from Paul Huyser: How Innocent is the "Coyne Man"?

November 2, 2000

Coyne, Coyne, Coyne, this innocent act has gone too far. What's this "I think"? You know damn well that in Vegas the joker is for aces, straights, and flushes, and you certainly know that at Viejas the joker is completely wild. As to calling me mad, I assure you that madness is not the problem. The fact is I made a challenge to Mike Stefanidis with certain rules and conditions; he can either accept or not accept. Everything is negotiable. If he counters that is his decision and none of Mike Coyne's business.

As I am writing this letter, I realize my concern is not whether or not Mike Stefanidis accepts the challenge. For me this short feud is over; I apologize for the "Turtle Boy" remark. My only thoughts now are on the total destruction of Mike Coyne, who is much more deserving of a long and torturous feud. I realize that this will be easy pickings, but I feel it is necessary for the overall stability of Monday Night Cards, and to put this self-proclaimed innocent person in his place.

P.S. In Mike Coyne's recent article "What in the hell is Paul thinking?" he talks about not getting his thoughts together. No shit. The article is a jumbled mess.

So I guess it will be cards as usual,

Paul Huyser

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