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Paul answers Mike Coyne

November 2, 2000

From Mike Coyne's article "What in the hell is Paul thinking?" I have made a list of accusations and comments made by the "Coyne Man" and will attempt to answer the best I can.

  1. Has Paul Gone Mad?-------Maybe.
  2. Is Paul experiencing Mad Pai Gow Disease?-------- No, just the normal ordinary Pai Gow Disease.
  3. Changing established games---------Dealers choice Mike, it's been that way since the beginning. Deal with it.
  4. Advantage in Pai Gow because of no Joker?----------What a nut. Someone please explain this to me. I don't understand.
  5. Paul's not in touch with the real world?-------I like the one I am in now. Why should I change and go into Coyne's real world?
  6. Paul's made chaos of Monday Night Cards.-------Monday Night Cards has always been chaos. Unfortunately I have nothing to do with that.
  7. Coyne has never been to Vegas.------Not true. Coyne and I saw Stantana kick down a hotel door in Vegas. I thought he would remember that; something you don't see everyday.
  8. Coyne has to think about betting much anymore.-------Absolutely no comment here.
  9. And to him calling me Charlie Brown.-------THANK YOU.

Paul Huyser

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