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Paul"Boat in a Bottle"Huyser

From: Michael Coyne

March 6, 2001, 1:44 p.m.

Well I must applaud Pauls craftsmanship on his boat. He is a true boat builder. He has done a wonderful job restoring his boat. His is a bit slow and very meticulous though. I think he even would admit that. But the final product will be worth the wait. I think that maybe he is taking so long in re-doing it is because maybe he thinks we might scrutinize his work. I have experienced first hand on his cutting technique. Measure 1 time cut 5 times. Can you all see why the boat is still in Dry-Dock. I think that he might be just building the boat to original specs and enclosing it in a glass dome. Make it like a full scale model or something. At least though, his boat is in the water since it is raining.
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